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Carter Realty has utilized the services of State Title for several years.  They always protect the best interests of our clients. Their professional services throughout the transaction and at the settlement table only enhances the customer experience. The professionals and staff at State Title Company are attentive, prompt and responsive. One of the hallmarks of an excellent title company is its attention to detail and service. State Title certainly exceeds those requirements. We look at them as not simply a vendor, but as an integral part of consummating our clients’ real estate transactions.


                                                                 -  Mike Carter, Broker/Carter Realty



We have worked with numerous title companies in the past. After closing with Susan we now consider her our number one title company. She is Honest, knowledgeable, professional, hardworking, with high integrity, her attention to detail is impeccable & her dedication to client goes well beyond the call of duty.  She also has a wonderful team that she works with. We do a lot of short sales and they work closely with us to make sure we get all the paperwork needed quickly. Susan and her staff are the BEST.


                                                                 Robert and Brenda Thompson/Cottage Realty



It is a pleasure to recommend State Title Inc. to my realtor friends.  After a couple of closings with Susan and her staff I was absolutely hooked by their professionalism, proactive work ethic and friendship that has deveoloped over the past few years.  I go nowhere else for closings unless necessitated by copperative agreements of my clients to another company.  They offer their office to agents to carry on any business related issues any time they need to drop by.  They are on the cutting edge of technology and efficiency and timliness is their mantra.  What else could I ask for, not to mention that we have developed friendships that will last a lifetime.   


                                                                 -  Jim Ezell/American Realty & Associates



I worked with Susan for many years and found her to be very efficient.  She was always on time and made good suggestions to me.  I knew that I could depend on her to assist me in every way.  There were times that I had her to assist me over and above in different matters.


Susan is very friendly and personable and I always got great feedback from people I referred to her.  It was great working with her through the years.  Thanks.


                                                                 -  Dwight Smith/Crye-Leike Realtors




"As a real estate agent; knowledgeable,timely,and professional communication is of great importance to me for the services I recommend. I feel State Title does a great job. "



                                                                  -  Michele Gobbell/Realty Trust Auctionners, LLC



My Clients have closed with State Title Inc. for many years.  I would not continue to recommend them if they were not delivering great service.  I am a stickler for detail and getting things right the first time.  I can count on the people at State Title Inc. to listen, to respect the questions of the client, and to deliver excellent service every time.


We have closed real estate transactions with clients in many states and even in foreign countries.  We have worked with banks and mortgage companies in many states.  My clients are kept informed every step of the way.  We've had closings after business hours to accommodate clients.  The people at State Title Inc. go the extra mile for agents and their clients.


                                                                 -  Mary Bernice Smith/Crye-Leike Realtors



I have had many clients serviced in the past 12 years including myself as a Realtor with State Title.  They keep all cost at a minimum and are so prompt with document work.  The clients have shared they are very happy with State Title, Inc.  with their professional and friendly services.  With those comments I continue to close escrow whenever possible with State Title, Inc.  

Thanks State Title, Inc. for the past 12 years of phenomenal service.


                                                                 -  Judy Turner

I have closed 6 different times with State Title, and every time has been excellent. I love your work ethic and attention to detail. Not to mention your knowledge of the closing process makes everything go smoothly. I will always use you guys, and definitely recommend you to everyone!

- Derek Bartron



I got involved with State Title because we needed some information that we couldn't get our hands on.  I kept looking and finally found what we needed to get to closing, but the fact still remained that we had a situation that might have come up when and if we decided to sell our home.  Susan took the time to call and explain the situation to me personally.   She took it upon herself to be thorough enough that we would be protected in the future if we had to sell our home. She went so far above and beyond to take care of our refinance mess.   I don't know how we would have gotten through all of that without her experience and expertise in her field.  I learned a great deal during the process and I thank State Title for being there and protecting us as well as doing what they do every day.


As far as closing was concerned, it was perfect.  If anyone ever speaks to me about selling, refinancing or anything that has to do with their home, State Title will be the name I will pass along. Thank you again Susan and staff for helping us get our papers correct and in order!


                                                                 -  Debbie and Ray Smith

Thank you so much.  The whole refinancing transaction has been smooth as silk.  Y'all do an awesome job.  Thanx


                                                                 -  John and Tammy Sanderson


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